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Pay Per Email Sent

Pay just £0.001p per email sent using our platform. For example sending out an email to 2,000 contacts would cost only £2! No monthly fees or minimum monthly sends.

List Segmentation

Mail Blaster allows you to customize segments within any list according to your specific criteria. Select which segments and/or lists to include or exclude from your email campaigns to enhance effectiveness and achieve optimized outcomes.


Streamline your marketing efforts by implementing drip email campaigns that automatically engage your subscribers at predefined intervals. Additionally, you can schedule emails to be sent annually or as single occurrences on specific dates.

List Management

Mail Blaster simplifies the management of lists. Effortlessly perform bulk imports or deletions of subscribers, set up custom fields, and choose between single or double opt-in options. Customize your subscribe and unsubscribe confirmation pages, and automate your welcome and farewell emails.

Complaint Handling

Maintain pristine email lists with ease, as Mail Blaster automatically manages bounces, complaints, and unsubscribes in real-time after your newsletter is sent. Eliminate the need for manual post-campaign cleanups and simply observe as your campaign report develops.


Easily remove unconfirmed email addresses from double opt-in signups and inactive subscribers from your lists with a single click. This feature helps streamline your database, keeping it free of unnecessary clutter.

Custom Domain

Configure custom domains to ensure that unsubscribe links, web versions of emails, and trackable links use your preferred domain. This makes it easier for recipients to identify your communications.

Custom Fields

Set up custom fields to capture more than just 'name' and 'email'. This feature allows you to store additional information about your subscribers, which can be utilized for segmenting lists or incorporating personalization tags in your newsletters to create a more tailored experience.